About Chuan Kee Transport

Founded by Mr Chia Liang Chuan, Chuan Kee Transport (SG) Pte Ltd (formerly Chuan Kee Transport Agency) has been providing logistics delivery services between Singapore and Malaysia since the early 1960s. A pioneer in the industry, Chuan Kee Transport has established itself through the years to be a long-standing trusted and reliable delivery solutions company. Specialising in lorry services between Singapore and Malaysia, Chuan Kee Transport has accumulated a wealth of in-depth experience and knowledge managing the transport of various goods to Singapore. In 1984, Director Susan Teo came onboard to grow the company, improving the quality of services provided. Chuan Kee Transport continues to finetune its services and is committed to providing efficient and quality services  - your trusted partner in delivery logistics.

  • Delivering of raw plastics material
  • Chemicals Transportation
  • Machinery
  • Contact us for any delivery request
  • Cement transportation
  • Wood veneers
  • Transport fresh fruits and vegetables

Singapore Lorry Transportation

Our Values

  1. Prompt and Safe Delivery of Goods
    We deliver your goods in the original condition as it was packed and transport from the point of origin.
  2. Continuous Improvement and transport Efficiency
    We are continuously seeking ways to improve our transportation and delivery services. This translates to higher standards of service quality and efficiency for your asssurance.
  3. Providing Solutions to Our Customers
    Your concerns are our priority. We listen and work hand in hand with you to propose solutions to meet your transportation requirements. Talk to our transportation consultants!

Custom Delivery Solutions

Get help with any special delivery requirement, custom clearance service and application.

If you have any specific needs, you can contact us to discuss and let us offer you a solution.

We are able to help with permit applications for goods customs clearance.
If your goods require special packaging prior to delivery, we are here to advise and assist.
For long term delivery requirements, we are here to help with your planning and scheduling.

Transportation Service Standards

Transportation service standards between Singapore and Malaysia

Lorry transportation service has been used by companies to transport raw and perishable goods between Singapore and Malaysia. Due to that, Chuan Kee Transport has built a reputation for the lorry transportation services between Singapore and Malaysia.

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History of Chuan Kee Transport

History of Chuan Kee Transport started from the 1960s by Mr Chia Liang Chuan

Having come from Malaysia to Singapore in the 60s, founder Chia Liang Chuan worked in a transport company which dealt with the transportation of goods from Singapore to Malaysia. In 1984, a few friends suggested that he set up his own transport agency.

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Singapore Malaysia Transportation

Singapore Malaysia Transportation Service

Ms Teo said that communication was less advanced in the past, and they largely depended on phones and fax machines, making it a lot more challenging to make transport arrangements and to co-ordinate the truck drivers’ and the shipments’ arrival timings.

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