History of Chuan Kee Transport

Founder of Chuan Kee Transport and History

The history of Chuan Kee Transport started with  Mr Chia Liang Chuan. Mr Chia founded the Chuan Kee Transport. He came from Malaysia and to work in Singapore during the 1960s. The company Mr Chia worked in was delivering goods between Singapore and Malaysia. In 1984, a few friends suggested that he set up his own transport agency.

Transport Service in 1980s

During the 1980s, transport service is determined by the port. Singapore had a more developed port than Malaysia. Therefore, all transportation to were done through Singapore. However, after dropping off the goods in Singapore, most of the trucks headed back empty. During those days, Singapore companies required a variety of raw materials from Malaysia. These raw materials include soil, cement, fruits and vegetables. Chuan Kee Transport acted as a middle man to ensure that the lorries are filled.

New Director of Chuan Kee Transport

Two years later, in 1986, Director Susan Teo came into the business after completing her studies. Her father was a partner of the business. So she thought of just working for the company. However, as she started working for the company, she started to grew her interest in the business. This has led her to become a business partner with Mr Chia too. Later, she took over the business as Mr Chia gradually entered into semi-retirement.

Growth in Transportation Service

Combining capital and Mr Chia's experience in the industry, Chuan Kee rapidly gained its reputation. Its ability for prompt response and delivery has been well-known. They have also earned several testimonies and referred business from their clients. Ms Teo said "They endeavour to have the goods delivered to within next day." These words has been a promise that has been consistently kept for years. This was mainly due to Mr Chia’s and Ms Teo’s sense of commitment to put their clients first.

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