Singapore Malaysia Transportation

Singapore Malaysia Transportation Service

Lorry Transport Service Efficiency

Singapore Malaysia Transportation Service has been an important service for many raw material producing companies in Singapore.  Communication was less advanced in the past, mentioned by Ms Teo, director of Chuan Kee Transport. Because communication were largely depended on phones and fax machines, it became quite challenging to make delivery arrangements. Co-ordination with lorry drivers were also difficult to accomplish. In addition, shipments’ arrival timings has to be carefully planned and co-ordinated. Fortunately, through consistent staff training, Chuan Kee Transport managed to create an internal system that sees these through. Over time, as technology began improving, the company embraced technologies to assist them with their job. Nowadays, transport arrangements can be confirmed easily through our scheduling system. Thus, reducing hassle for their clients. Because of these improvements, the company is able to provide great communication internally and with clients.

Transportation of Raw Materials Between Singapore and Malaysia

Chuan Kee Transportation specialises in the transportation of goods from Singapore to Malaysia. The kind of goods includes a range of products such as raw plastics, chemicals, machinery and wood veneers. As the product delivery type increases in demand, the company has further expanded in the type of goods being delivered. Some of the other transportation services include soil and cement and even vegetables and fruits.

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