Transportation Service Standards

Transportation Service Between Singapore and Malaysia

Lorry transportation service has been used by companies to transport raw and perishable goods between Singapore and Malaysia. Due to that, Chuan Kee Transport has built a reputation for the lorry transportation services between Singapore and Malaysia. Chuan kee has been around for few decades. Because of that, the company has gained much experience in offering transportation solutions and service values to the clients.

Challenges in transportation between borders

Talking about challenges in transportation between borders, Mr Chia, the founder, described it as “an inevitable part of business”.  The main reason would be the development of new port in Malaysia. In addition, the increase in cost of production in Singapore has moved most production to Malaysia. Due to that, the opening of ports in Malaysia has reduced the demand for lorry transportation between Singapore and Malaysia.

To overcome this, Chuan Kee Transport commit to improve service standard and providing values. Moreover, through providing value and high service standard, will they keep clients coming back.

Vision of Transport Services

Ms Teo envision that the company will be branching into the local logistics sector, where demand is growing. This will be in connection with the vision of becoming a one-stop transport solution provider for their clients.

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